This Week’s 10 Best Leadership Links [April 22-26]

leadership linksThis week learn what type of boss you really are and discover the creative energy one can gain from mongoose ownership. Without further ado here are this week’s 10 best leadership links:

1. Do you talk about TV too much? Perhaps it’s time to curb your TV musings while in the office…or when hiring new employees.

2. Prospect magazine polled over 10,000 people to find out who the biggest intellectuals of 2013 were. Leaders should be familiar with the results.

3. The 6 types of bosses. Which are you?

5. A list of weird habits from literary greats. Leaders take note: there’s no need to be normal. Climb a tree naked or own a mongoose.

6. How will ‘Big Data‘ change your industry? Your leadership?

7. Perhaps being too busy is hurting your leadership ability. A good, thoughtful article.

8. Are you a good boss or an amazing one?

9. Make sure that you aren’t the roadblock to your own success. Here are 3 ways great leaders hold themselves back.

10. A detailed info-graphic explaining how to motive your employees.

A humorous bonus: The power of intuition…or is it guessing?




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