BLG Leadership Academy – New Dates Announced!

trainingI’m excited to share that in addition to our Summer Session of the Cornell-BLG Leadership Academy this coming June, we’ll be offering a Fall Session this October.

The BLG Academy offered through Cornell University’s Institute for Workplace Studies (IWS), is an integrated face-to-face public program that trains individuals in the skills of pragmatic leadership. It is intended for managers and functional specialists with at least 5 years of supervisory or managerial experience, and is comprised of four courses:

  1. Change Leadership
  2. Proactive Negotiation and Persuasion
  3. Engaging and Leading Teams
  4. Enhancing and Coaching Others

These skills include rallying people around ideas, forming coalitions, engaging teams and enhancing and coaching others.  The Cornell-BLG Academy is committed to that end, to providing skills you need to execute your strategic vision.

Both sessions will be held here in New York City at the Cornell ILR Conference Center. Learn more about the BLG Leadership Academy here, or for more information send us an email or call us at 607-280-2642.


Samuel B. Bacharach

I'm a professor at Cornell University's Institute for Workplace Studies in NYC. I write about the importance of proactive leadership in the office..(read more)


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