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4 Reasons Your Employees Resist Change–And How to Overcome Them

Entrepreneurs often want change–but sometimes certain staff members don’t want to budge. In my Inc. column I discuss four ways to get reluctant employees on board.

When It’s Time For Someone Else To Take Charge

Are you still a great leader? It’s a hard question to ask yourself, but it’s a necessary one. In my Inc. online column I lay out  four questions you have to ask yourself to assess whether or not you are fit to maintain your leadership position.

A Small Leadership Lesson From Margret Thatcher

With the news of Margaret Thatcher’s death this week much has been said about her achievements, political savvy, and courage.
There is little we can add to the compelling, moving obituaries.
However, there is one Thatcher anecdote that I think leaders can make use of and learn from.
Paul Johnson writes a chapter on Margret Thatcher in his book, Heroes. He applauds Thatcher’s heroism and ability, but he says Thatcher had an “irritating habit of feeding you back …

This Week’s 10 Best Leadership Links

Here are some of the week’s best articles, infographics, and videos that can educate leaders:
1. This article tells you how to make mundane topics interesting. It’s mandatory reading for any leader who needs to make a presentation interesting.
2. This man has always had one dream: to make shoes. An inspirational interview that will motivate even the most weary leader.
3. Your ability to lead well may hinge on what you had for lunch.
4. Here’s a man …

Can Innovation Be Taught With a Children’s Story?

How Stella Saved the Farm: A Tale about Making Innovation Happen is a delightful foray into the challenge of innovation in organizations.  From two of business’s prominent thought leaders, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble, this short read tells a compelling story, a la Orwell’s Animal Farm, about a once successful farm that needs to reinvent itself in the face of intense competitive threats. Sounds like an everyman’s story these days, doesn’t it?
The authors touch on …

How Can You Gain Credibility?

Without credibility, you can forget about building a company, improving it, or leading it to greatness. You need credibility to create changer. In my latest Inc. column I discuss four ways in which you can build credibility.